November 23, 2018 – Full Moon in Gemini: Carrying the message

Sun and Moon are completely opposite to each other; from our geocentric point of view the moon is absolutely full of light, and allows us to see what the archetypical Gemini memory has for us.
The moon becomes full, the soul overflows and gains access to the mysteries of the Gemini-Sagittarius key axis.
This full moon’s configuration is very powerful. For starters, we find that Jupiter: the greatest benefactor, the Spiritual Guide, the planet which supports our awakening and our being a bridge between material and spiritual world, has arrived to Sagittarius archetype. Then, Sun and Moon lay out two vital links with Chiron, who is once again at 28 degrees in Pisces and the North Node that has entered Cancer archetype, after traveling through Leo since May 2017
Emotions, thoughts and sensations experimented near the full moon will encourage us to be clear about what we need to work on with Gemini-Sagittarius schools to continue on the path of awareness which reminds us who we are, and pulls us out form our dark nights.
Sun and Jupiter are in Sagittarius. The archetypical field of Sagittarius teaches us to “fly” with our body and soul, it teaches us about freedom, about contact with the spirit, religious sensibility, the search of the sacred calling, the search of our own personal truth, about the heart’s fire which gives sense to our service.
There, the Sun (vitality) and Jupiter (expansion guide) bolster us to feel the memory of those who contacted and contributed to all these teachings when they walked the earth. Here, we can very honestly ask ourselves:
Do we feel in contact with our full freedom?
Who or what are we slaves of?
Who or what has power over our freedom to be, to feel and to love?
Does our life have sense?
Does every step we take link us to the joy of our spirit?
Do we keep quiet to listen to our spiritual essence?
Do we listen to our personal truth?

The strength of the Spirit immersed in Sagittarius asks us to anchor our vitality, our prayer and guide to the heart’s path, honoring of our inner fire. Our heart longs to start a new internal or external journey, the heart is anxious to be able to feed its fire with creativity, joy, beauty, religion (where religion means to join again -tie the human with the divine once more).

Gemini archetypical field teaches us about words, writing, the ways we choose to communicate. With Gemini we try to express what comes from deep inside, put it in words, even if many times these attempts fail and there’s “poor communication”.
With Geminis we get to craft the youth of our spirit.
Gemini sparks the medicine in laughter, in storytelling, the creation of myths, power of writing, of reading, desire to inquire, the human mind that brings down information from the divine mind, the magic in writing a script or a book. Here, we connect to the essence of the message, with inner muses, poetry beating from the mind, the sacred attempt to write history.
Gemini is the archetypical school that teaches us how to carry the message, how to take it lovingly, cultivate (culturize) it, being very careful of not appropriating something that is not ours. Gemini urges us to be impeccable when weaving our own personal endeavor.

Gemini’s shadow is expressed in excess of intellect and in the impossibility of realizing that ethics is missing during the process of carrying the message.


Gemini-Sagittarius axis tells us that to be able to carry “something” from one place to another, we need to settle, make a commitment and stay a bit more longer until we feel we slowly acquire the right as a traveler to take something from one place to another: respecting and taking care of its original essence. These schools (Gemini-Saggitarius) keep in their memory the cultural rampage we have experienced throughout time, the crooked ways a technique or tool has been brought to the western world without deeply respecting its essence, and trivializing its true sense.

Within the spaces of conscious awakening and spiritual growth it is normal to find different techniques or tools being offered, that have no relation whatsoever with the vital essence and original culture they were taken from.

Here and now, we who share healing techniques, empowerment and self-knowledge tools, need to be coherent and honest in the way we carry our message. Be impeccable, flawless! Here and now, we are asked to know the origin and true meaning of the practices we share, as well as to profoundly respect its history… because in order to lead a ceremony, to share a tool, to introduce them in another part of the world or to a new group of people, we need to HONOR its roots. And be honest to ourselves about how we are bearing such message.

When we have spent a long time in a community with wonderful practices to contact our spirit, when we include in our diet a certain plant to feel its mystery in our body, when we learn the usage of tools and share it in ceremonies that awaken our heart, when we allow the transformation journey be that and not a trend, not just a way to be in the spiritual mainstream, we will be ready to recognize if we are ready or not to share such tool or path.

When we are not in the country that’s home to the native tools we want to share it is important to look into how much and how well we know the culture, how long have we lived the medicine those tools offer, having them travel our body and heart; and work the light if we know the origin of that medicine well enough, if we know the history, if we honor the original sense of it.

​Gemini-Sagittarius schools encourage us to take the journey of the spirit, honoring that which really bounds us in our humanity-divinity, being impeccable in our heart’s truth, sharing our true medicine from a place of admiration and honor, not from appropriation that ends up trivializing it.

This full moon is so powerfull, because it brought us back to the time of pilgrimage and knowledge sharing. Let’s honor these times, let’s cultivate impeccability and be coherent in our words, message, medicine and communication because now we are soul pilgrims and need to share our soul’s truths to the world.


Karina Falcon

Original Text in Spanish:

La Mujer Lunar / 

Translation: Dulce Arvizo



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