In the original times, we women were mothers of peaceful cultures, that centered a profound honor for life, where feminine dones, gifts, and talents guided and led the internal and external configuration structures. We, women, are knowledgeable of otherness and of what the world needs because we carry la memoria de parir, the memory of giving birth, whether we have biological children or not. A healthy woman, who has become conscious with impeccability of her internal processes. [a woman] Who has made a real elaboration of her sombra, shadow, and uses her creative power for her own healing and that of others, can put herself at the service of birthing a new culture through her mamahood sovereignty: birthing a project of her mente-corazón-cuerpo, mind-heart-body at the service of her soul and the soul of the collective.

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Print in México

I.S.B.N 978-607-97681-4-0

Date published: Marzo, 2021

Classification IBIC: DQ

Format: paper

Pages: 110


I.S.B.N 978-607-97681-4-0

Date Published: Enero, 2022

Classification IBIC: DQ

Format: ePub

Pages: 110

Mamahood Sovereignty: The Reclamation of The Original Heartbeat of The Womb

Anthology Of Texts

Editorial: Carpa Lunar ©2021

Compiler: Liliana Diaz & Karina Falcón

Themes: Mamahood Sovereignty, Intimacy of women’s home life, Religious of Women’s home life, Religion of the Goddess, Anthropology & philosophy of the Goddess